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Final fantasy portal -- final fantasy brave exvius: I can't wait for this game to release this July. Final Fantasy has always been my favorite game every since. From FF classic to FF 18, it was all so memorable and I just remember each game. Now that a new one is about to be released and on the mobile platform makes it even better because I can play it anytime! So be sure to add this on your to-download-list because trust me, it is going to be a blast.

Ghostbuster Slime City is set for release this month and they are doing it together with the movie. Yup, here is another movie-game marketing strategy that the developers have thought of. Well it be successful? Well, lets hope so because the ghostbuster series is one of those old school tv movie series that has made a comeback this year. So lets support it because this was our childhood movies. And yes, with the new game for the android and iOS, it sure can give you some fun stuff. Checkout the preview above!

UFC Manager 2016! Yes! another favorite game and now on the mobile. I just love fight games and this has got to be one of my favorite games! So if you love UFC then be sure to get this!

And to show you that its not all boys game here, I wanna share my GF's favorite game. Sims Freeplay. The tut above is gonna show you how to build a 2 story house from scratch. I personally love Sims but I still prefer fight games. But most girls love this and my GF love this so it has to be in my best games for 2016! I can also show you some tricks like sims freeplay cheats build faster on your iphone or android. You'll just have to use a 3rd party app which you can get from the link I shared above. It's pretty cool actually. Got my GF so addicted to the game.